• Title
    [International Journal] Synthesis of a Co3O4@gold/MWCNT/polypyrrole hybrid composite for DMMP detection in chemical sensors
  • Journal
    RSC Advances
  • Authors
    Sivalingam Ramesh, Young-Jun Lee, Sabeur Msolli, Jong-Gyu Kim, Heung Soo* Kim and Joo-Hyung Kim*
  • Date
    October, 2017
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Chemical sensors based on a nanocrystalline gold@MWCNT/polypyrrole">Co3O4/gold@MWCNT/polypyrrole decorated hybrid
composite were fabricated, and their sensitivity properties to stimulant dimethylmethylphosphonate
(DMMP) were characterized. The hybrid composite was decorated by a hydrothermal process in the
presence of cobalt/gold precursors, and the characteristics were determined by Raman, XRD, XPS, SEMEDX,
and FE-TEM analysis. The cyclability and linearity of the detection response for chemical sensors in
the presence of DMMP vapor were determined by using a crystal microbalance. The hybrid composite
material should possess excellent selectivity, stability, and reasonable sensitivity in the presence of N2 gas
at room temperature for DMMP detection. The response of the composite showed retainability when
exposed to the DMMP component, due to the high resistance response, fast response time, rapid
recovery, and good reproducibility.